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8 Aug

It’s been long since I’ve last written a blog post, what more having a blog. I hope this doesn’t go down the drain like the others did though. It has been like, what, 3/4 years.

Anyway, time to step up my post (game) eh? It has been… 1 ½ years into polytechnic life and its been pretty interesting thus far.  Ups & downs, more ups & downs and yet now its already into August. Pretty busy with Exams and stuff but I’ll leave that for another day. This week onwards is gonna be pretty… interesting yet hectic so I’m probably gonna be blogging a lot.


blurred pictures, I know ><

Today is 8/8/2013, the day before National Day and also the day of B.A.P’s Life on Earth Concert in SG! … which I didn’t attend. Cousin went for the press con yesterday while I was at item practice. Met her today for lunch with the rest and the first thing we did was to spazz about B.A.P. Concert, Merchandise later on, previous day’s press conference, MY encounter (I’ll share on that later on) and then other non kpop related catching up. BABYz FOR LIFE! ❤

Wasn’t feeling very fat today so I decided to try on my Cropped Top from H&M and since it’s the first time wearing a cropped top, WOOHOO!

Had lunch in this Korean BBQ restaurant at Tampines One with my Mom, Sis, Cousins and some other rather (not so distant) distant relatives. 고기!! (MEAT!!) Had lots of beef and pork belly (but mostly beef) during the BBQ and their beef… OMG THEIR BEEF IS (Y). Maybe its just me because I really love beef  ^^ I have to say their 파전(Pajeon, Korean pancake) was not bad as well as their tempura pumpkin. Don’t ask me why there is tempura at the Korean Restaurant.

However the rest of the food was rather meh. Some were so-so while others were disappointing. Their seaweed soup wasn’t what I expected. It had too much pepper in it and I don’t remember Seaweed soup being peppery and their seaweed was cooked too long. Their 떡복이 (tteokbokki) wasn’t cooked long enough. Maybe its just my preference but I felt that it was still too hard though it was already cooked through.

After the meal they prepared a super early Birthday Surprise for me. Aww so sweet right? Hehe, finally I’ve gotten myself an Ice Cream Cake! Yes! Don’t judge okay? I’ve never gotten an ice cream cake… Mango flavored Ice cream Cake from Swensens. /Cues Hyuna’s Ice Cream/

After lunch comes shopping! Basically today’s objective was to source for my Performance Attire for Dance synergy ( a later blog post will be up for that one) but of course being me and being… not so big sized compared to Secondary School, girls shall be girls. Who will resist trying on clothes you’d probably not buy right?

Running from New Look, to Topshop to Cotton On and even BHG. There are countless items that you would just grab and run to the fitting room just to take pictures with it. My sister and younger cousin went to try on this $100+ party dress from New Look just for the Fun of it, I joined in and went to try it as well.

Tadah!~ Not really a very glamorous picture but yea. New Look has one of the smartest Fitting Rooms, the lighting it put in a way where you can see yourself but you cant take pictures because the lighting will be really bad thus explaining all the edited pictures of me in the Fitting Room.


I feel like a fucking princess (without my glass slippers)

Haha! I look so mismatched with the dress /cries/ Didn’t bother to do something with my hair.

But the dress was really pretty. Black and lilac with shimmery sequins at the waist.

Gorgeous dress, really<3

Cropped Tops! Yes, after being able to wear them, I’ve kinda went a little too crazy. Haha but no worries I’m not really that daring so I wont really wear them out even if I buy it. But I really really like the pink tiger print one though…

After a really hectic and time consuming day at Tampines, I finally got all the parts of my performance attire. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Rather happy with my buys and tries and it’s back to studying for the exam next week for me. *Sighs*

Oh well, till next time~



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