Chock Full Of Beans

11 Aug


Hidden at the corner, right at the end of the two Lanes of the Shop houses at Changi Village, lies a Classy Little Cafe.

Chock Full Of Beans, known for its coffee art & fine food was our to-go cafe for today. Being not only Popular but also small, the cafe can be rather crowded especially during Lunchtime or weekends. (you don’t say) We were rather surprised that we had to be on the waiting list as it was full house this early afternoon.


The Lee Cousins~

However, we were given a seat after about 10-15 minutes. The waiting list was rather helpful as it allowed us to roam around the area rather than standing in line as the staff would call up to inform that the table is ready for us. Thumbs Up for that service!

There are both Indoor & Outdoor tables which you can choose from (provided there’s not many people). The Overall atmosphere was rather relaxing though we were seated outdoors, crammed with many other customers but that did not affect our experience there.


Cousin Daniel Looking through the Menu 

The menus revolved around simple Breakfast/Lunch Food rather than main courses like Pasta or Rice but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t filling. Prices for the Mains ranged between $4 – $18 which is rather reasonable if you ask me. We finally decided on a shared Cream Of Tomato Soup ($6), Bacon & Mango Sandwich for Daniel ($12), Eggs Benedict for Jamie ($12) & an Ultimate Swiss Rosti which is the most expensive item on the menu, for myself.

IMG-20130811-WA0011  CYMERA_20130811_121012IMG-20130811-WA0007


My Expensive Swiss Rosti

 The Cream Of Tomato was absolutely delicious. The balance between the cream & the tomato base was just right and it goes very well alone or with the baguette that comes along with it. Expected, it as also the first dish to be wiped clean. MmMmmm~

Daniel’s Mango & Bacon Sandwich was a delectable surprise. A slightly sourish tangy mango with strips of crispy & fragrant bacon in between a long fresh bun. This dish is both simple & refreshing. Gonna try this at home one day.

Jamie’s Eggs Bene was so-so. Nothing really special about it but it was well made. The eggs were really fresh and the yolk was orange in color (Y) She couldn’t finish it as it was a tad too gelat for her.

My Swiss Rosti was well done. Cooked to the right texture and thank god, no excessive oil flowing all over my plate. The Mushrooms with herb+cream went well with the Rosti besides the Sour cream. Could afford to give more sour cream though. The Cheese Sausages were really good and the cheese was runny so, yay! Although I would say that two was probably too much for me. (><) The eggs were so-so and it was a tad too bland for our liking. Probably too much milk but the consistency was fine.

We all agreed that the TOP 2 dishes for today’s meal was the Cream Of Tomato & Daniel’s Mango & Bacon Sandwich.

CYMERA_20130811_120158 DRINKS!~  Moving on to that, both of them ordered a Iced Chocolate while I ordered an Iced Honey Matcha. The Honey Matcha was really lovely and it was really thick (because I like it thick) and the honey did not overpower the Green Tea taste at all.  For all the matcha loving people, this one is for you. Might wanna get the Hot one instead though as that comes with Coffee Art.

Yes, yes… We didn’t know that the cold drinks didn’t come with the art. (Yes, idiots I know) Anyway, Chock Full Of Beans Cuppas are all (HOT BEVERAGES) decorated with cute foam art that would be sure to brighten up your day.

You can find pictures of those online…

Overall it was value for money and a nice hangout place as well. So next time you’re at Changi V and craving or something else besides Hawker Food, you know where to go 😉



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