Dance Synergy Second Vetting & Random Photoshop Challenge

17 Aug

It’s been a long day today with Second Vetting and I’m in a pretty post-exam mood already since I’m 3 papers down, 1 more to go to freedom (or not). Vetting went well & not well at the same time because my items were not up to standard /sigh/. I’m really lacking a lot when it comes to my performance items an nothing less than perfect is acceptable (what do you expect? Dancers…) and mine is, well, far from very good even.

I was really really nervous because I was ‘performing’ on an unfamiliar stage and that was my second time dancing on a LEGIT STAGE. Doesn’t help that was in the presence of many FBodz Seniors and.. the Girls Styling item was really, really empty today. However I did enjoy the process although I really should train on my balance (what’s new) and was feeling really hyped and stuff but oh god, back to back two items are no joke. I felt like I just ran finish a 2.4 after not exercising for a long time. I don’t know which Fbodz Senior (actually I know 1 or 2 la~) that was shouting mine and Hazwan’s (but mostly Haz’s) name during our GS’ item but thank youuu >< but that really made me more conscious lehhhhhh 😦 Oh I was trying to feel like a slut for my performance but clearly failed in doing so xDDD

Selca of me during vetting! (more pictures on my Instagram) I look like a kid with contact lenses on though…


I have really sore muscles now and back/knee cracking moments ~~

Most of you must be wondering what is this… vetting i’m talking about all the time. Well, to sum it up, Dance Synergy is an event/collab where all the dance CCAs in Nanyang Poly (NYP) come together to put on a show. These CCAs includes the Malay/ Chinese/ Japanese Cultural Group, French Club, Line Dance, Ballroom, Dance Company, Foreign Bodies & last but not least, StageArts (did I forget anyone?). This time I’m joining as a part of StageArts Dance so… yea. Vetting is a part and parcel of all recitals, productions and dance performances where dancers from all the items (or one item, depending on the scale of the vetting and stuff) showcase what they have done thus far so that the In-charge can start piecing things together whether is it the choreo or the performance flow. Vetting = Putting things together.

So if you’re a part of NYP, do (try to) grab your tickets at the Student Affairs Office. 6th September, be there or be square! I promise you it’ll be worth it. Plus it’s a FREE EVENT

I’ll probably talk more about Dance and stuff in another post in the near future.

Yep, anyway, I just woke up from a really long nap because tired la~ and I don’t have the mood to start on my last Module so I’m gonna do something really really random.


Okay so here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m going to choose a random theme and a Picture related to it. (You guys can suggest them for the next by commenting) then I’m just gonna try to do up a poster of some sort using that particular picture as the focus in… let’s say 50 minutes. I’ll probably throw in a short paragraph of something related to the poster as well. Sounds lame enough right? /WIDE SMILE/

For the first theme I’ll probably pick Dance since I’m on to vetting today and this will be the chosen picture for this Challenge.


And so, let the challenge begin! Will be back in 50 minutes ^^  (Pray that my Internet Connection doesn’t give me any problem…)



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