Photoshop Edit Challenge One

17 Aug

Okay guys I’m Back! So for those who don’t know what this post is about, refer to the previous post [Dance synergy vetting 2 & random Photoshop challenge]

So here is what I started with…


And here is what I ended up with.

save the last dance for me

Okay it’s really not that good… sigh~  It’s been long since I’ve last touched Photoshop and obviously, my skills have dropped. Delayed due to bad internet connection, AGAIN and therefore went to bathe before posting this up 😦


Ever since I’ve started my Journey as a Dancer, I’ve always dreamt of having / being able to do a couple dance with my future partner. Probably why I kinda have a thing for dancer boyfriends (though I don’t have one…) Honestly, I think its (almost) every dancers dream to have a couple dance with their other half regardless on whether their boyfriend/girlfriend are dancers as well. Regardless of dance genre, I really hope to be able to perform one in the near future whether or not that person is Boyfriend/love interest. I think it’s really beautiful to watch. Nothing beats people dancing in harmony ❤



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