Officially 18

22 Aug

CYMERA_20130821_123232So here I am, after spending my birthday morning at home before I head to school for Self Practice. Well, I’m finally turning 18 today and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. Haha! Anyway, that was me yesterday ^^

Apparently I’ve been receiving long texts, short texts, facebook wishes and weird birthday voice messages (Thank you Weiting <3) since I woke up.

Hmmm the Fbodz peeps were suppose to meet at like what? 2:30PM? but i reached school around 3 and only Daphne & Justin was there lying down at the studio. Gee~


Hui Xian was supposed to meet me but she was running late. To my surprise she actually went down to Twelve Cupcakes and bought me TWO of them as my birthday ‘cake’

AWWWWWW~ Haha I did not expect that at all and I did not suspect anything. Wow.. I just be like, not expecting anything from anyone man xD

Anyway they sang a birthday song for me (hahahahaha so cute) and yea. The rest wished me as they came… which they didn’t start doing so until HE walked passed and wished me. (Argh~ Dying of happiness) ><

Apparently another surprise was waiting for me but I just didn’t notice any of the preparations. Hints were like ICs (ZQ) looking down on the juniors from above and seniors walking pass and what not. I did not know that few of them were distractions… For once I’m more blur than Xin Yi πŸ˜€

So anyway Hazwan asked me to accompany him go buy drinks and makan with XY or something so I just went and Xin Yi was there sitting at the table. When we came back, Wei Ting who came ALLLLLLLLLL the way from RGS jumped out with the cake.



Whenever our crew celebrates a birthday, we ALWAYS go to polar and buy the exact same cake, just with different designs. Love that cake anyway.

Jia Shu overshot his timing and came late…. See la bboy some more… But they sang like 3 times or something in the canteen which was embarassing…. ><

Afterwards… then went, ” I hope you’re hungry because…” and pulled out two boxes of Pizzas.


CYMERA_20130822_184908Pizzas for Birthday Dinner ❀

DSCF8970With Weiting who traveled all the way from RGS to NYP after school

DSCF8956happygirl95 because I have an extra candle to play with

I would like to thank everyone who has wished me and celebrated with me. It is the first time that 2 groups of people has celebrated my birthday for me and surprsingly, all are from dance. Camolahsia, Hui Xian & 13th Gen and AxE Family.

I love you guys ❀


Family Picture ❀


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