Lunch @ Lenas

28 Aug


This is not supposed to be a Food Blog but I don’t know why it is starting to look like one xD Probably its just me with good food recently. Oh and If you’re wondering why my ‘reviews’ are always good and (so far) not bad, this is because I pick my places really carefully because I wouldn’t want to end up wasting money on food that I’ll probably cook better than them at home. I really do mean what I say. If you guys would want to read a bad food review, do drop me a comment and I would gladly share my horrible experience at The Ship @ NEX when I have the time. Anyway, here’s another place to visit when your palate is feeling a bit more Atas but your legs are feeling lazy (relevant to those staying at Hougang)

Lenas is a modern American Italian Restaurant under Ministry Of Food. You can’t go wrong with food under MOF.

Went to the Hougang Mall (HGM) outlet since I just happened to think of it today because my Dad didn’t let me cook at home and insisted that we get Lunch outside. I always walk pass the area but never had the chance to try it so today is the day. Probably a good chance since my Dad would be paying //beams//.  For those interested, the Restaurant is located on the Second floor of HGM where Starbucks, Pizza Hut and all the other food places are clustered together.

This would probably be more of a Recommendation rather than a Food Review ( I hope).

CYMERA_20130828_145619Random (fake) mini flower pot at our table ledge

First impressions are always important to me, especially when it comes to diners. I think their attitude would really make a difference to my night (good or bad) and I feel that I should receive good service from the staff especially if the joint is nowhere close to cheap. The higher your food prices, the more I expect. The staff of Lenas was friendly and polite and they provided good service (at least for the one serving us) so yay!  Quiet and Relaxing atmosphere. Wasn’t crowded when I went.

Their menu has quite a lot of variety and variation. They even have Pancakes! Haha I don’t know why I’m so amused by that. Probably because I didn’t expect it to be available on the menu. I ordered Mixed Mushroom Cream Pasta with an additional Egg yolk while my Dad ordered Smoked Duck Pasta, Aglio Olio base. My dish can be found under their vegetarian pasta menu. YES IT IS VEGETARIAN-FRIENDLY! I had a hard time choosing what to eat okay? Mmmm the cream sauce was a tad to liquidy but it didn’t dilute the sauce. Probably too much milk or something. However, I really liked how the taste of the Mushroom really came out. The whole dish really made you focus on the Mushroom taste, even the sauce had the mushroom taste (I think I’m stating the obvious) It may seem like a simple dish but I think that it was really well prepared compared to other places where the dish doesn’t really come as one. Oh and I recommend adding the egg for extra flavour. I feel that it did enhanced the flavour a little.

CYMERA_20130828_143419  CYMERA_20130828_144007

CYMERA_20130828_143332  CYMERA_20130828_145956

Dad’s Smoked Duck Pasta was really good as well. The Agli Olio wasn’t too oily and the spiciness tasted pleasant (different from the Aglio Olio pasta you can find at Pizza Hut) It went well with the smoked duck which was tender. I’m not an expert with smoked ducks and I’m lazy to ask my Dad for comments so we shall just conclude that it was well cooked overall since my Dad seemed to enjoy it very much. Oh! We made both our Mains into a meal which was kinda worth it. Drinks (iced tea or coffee) , a Small Salad & Ice Cream. The Ice Cream really reminded me of the Mr Softee one sold at 7-11 long ago. Really something sweet to end the meal ^^ My Dad also ordered a Parma Ham Pizza which was similar to the kind of pizza Skinny Pizza offers (if you know what I’m talking about…) and it tasted good. The crust was thin and crispy, cheese was well, cheese but just enough but I would prefer more. But then again, when can cheese ever be enough? I think it is really difficult to find a place that is not crazily expensive which serves genuine Parma ham or Prosciutto so both of us (my Dad especially) was really happy to see the real thing on our plate.


Prices are quite reasonable for the standard of food you get. The Total bill was $54.97 ($46.70 without GST) Recommended especially if you’re looking for a nice yet convenient restaurant around Hougang Area. You can try their other outlets around Singapore as well. For those staying at Serangoon, there is one at NEX. Unfortunately it isn’t Halal (what food there is halal besides the fast food joints anyway?) therefore I can’t bring my Best Friend there for a meal. Ah bummer…

I’ll probably go back to try their steaks, ribs or lamb chops soon.


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