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Dance Synergy 2013

10 Sep

1236826_601588493213184_241769572_nSo Dance Synergy is finally over, YAY!

Had lots of fun during Dance Synergy Week learning, watching, practicing & just having fun with everyone.  Honestly, I’m very honored to be part of Dance Synergy 2013 as this is its DEBUT SHOW! Woo!~ As a starting Dancer, its a really huge honor to be standing & performing on a huge huge stage (NYP Auditorium) in front of a huge audience for a Debut show at that. Though tiring and time consuming, every bit of the rehearsal and waiting for enjoyable. Mmm being nervous is normal but while on stage, everything just disappeared. This is probably the first time I’ve ever enjoyed dancing on stage so much and just giving my all and having fun.  I felt like I have achieved something and am proud of myself for doing my best on stage. From being so so to being able to put a performance standard item on stage and getting praised by the alumni made us all felt relieved and happy as we were really worried that we did not do a good job.

For those who came to watch, I hope you have enjoyed yourself with our performances that we put our all into and also thank you for being there. Honestly I felt that Jin Wen did an excellent job in organizing the First ever Dance Synergy, coming out with the theme, doing the vetting, putting everything together, giving feedback, teaching and whatnot. The show wouldn’t be what it was without him and with crew.

Beside him there is also Ian Poar ^^ This friend here started off as a dancer with a dream and now he is achieving more that what he wanted. I’m proud of him as a friend and a dancer and also grateful as it he has a huge part to play in the show as well.

Summary of the show, Dance Synergy 2013 tells a story of a world without colors, where everything is black & white. (opening, gloomy) and as the show progresses, after the bad there is good and slowly the colors starts coming in. Everything ends on a bright note and a mass dance which hyped up everyone.  Video of the last Item (StageArts) will be linked up here as that is the only Video I can find.

Stage Arts Dance Synergy 2013

Besides the show itself, I’m really grateful for the StageArts Dance Junior Batch who after everything, made Hazwan’s & my choreography look good on stage ❤ For that I really wanna thank every one of them because after all it was our first ever choreography and leaving that kind of impact makes it all the more memorable for us.

Oh Ari, Wei Ting, Hui Xian & Reeve took the time to come down to support (YAY) so i am really thankful for that as well. Fbodz 13th Gen peeps came down a well but only a few stayed to take pics with us ^^

It is an honor to have Diane Yap, my fbodz 10th Gen senior, IMP7CT Ace, Korean class friend & my Dance Idol to be down watching my first ever performance and also preparing chocs for me. She is really a dancer I look up to a lot and to get commendation from her, to me is really a HUGE deal & encouragement.

#camolahsia has also made this Dance Synergy experience even more memorable because they are the group of friends I made through Stage Arts & Dance Synergy. They’ve also shared many memories during the period of DS prep and have been there to encourage me and accompany me.

Lastly, AxE.  Hazwan, Xin Yi & I got to perform on a big stage together (though in diff groups) apart from our normal Crew pracs. I hope we would be able to perform on a similar big stage together as a crew in the near future. Wei Ting came down to support us which we were really grateful but our Jia Shu couldn’t make it 😦  Talking about that, Teenage Auditions in 3 days time!!

Actually I have alot to say but too many things are difficult to be put into words so they will just be memories in my head. I’ll probably add on to this post when I want to so.. yea, that’s it for now ^^

Pictures will be up here soon! ~


Dance Synergy D Day

5 Sep

So really short post here now before I head off to bed at 2AM

Today is finally the day of Dance Synergy Happening at NYP so yesterday/ a few hours ago we had our runs and full runs and whatnot and whew it was really really tiring…

HOWEVER, i really had lots of fun ‘performing’ today and there was alot of laughter shared with the other clubs as well. Mmmm it is probably the first time i’ve ever worn such heavy (yes this is already considered heavy to me) Make-up but hey I looked kinda different but not too much. Still looked like a kid… 

Pictures of today (yesterdayyyy) will up up after the performance as well as the after-dance-synergy post ^^

Toodles~ I really need to sleep….

Wish me luck! ❤