Dance Synergy D Day

5 Sep

So really short post here now before I head off to bed at 2AM

Today is finally the day of Dance Synergy Happening at NYP so yesterday/ a few hours ago we had our runs and full runs and whatnot and whew it was really really tiring…

HOWEVER, i really had lots of fun ‘performing’ today and there was alot of laughter shared with the other clubs as well. Mmmm it is probably the first time i’ve ever worn such heavy (yes this is already considered heavy to me) Make-up but hey I looked kinda different but not too much. Still looked like a kid… 

Pictures of today (yesterdayyyy) will up up after the performance as well as the after-dance-synergy post ^^

Toodles~ I really need to sleep….

Wish me luck! ❤


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