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The DP Challenge: That Customer

27 Oct

So…. Just lazing around at home on a rainy Sunday Afternoon and chanced upon this DP Challenge by dailypost (Link: decided to do up a short one just for the fun of it so, here it goes. This is done spontaneously, no planning done whatsoever. I kind of just combined everything into a story rather than writing separate POVs

  • A waitress welcomes an elderly regular as he takes his seat at the counter in the diner. The man just got word his wife is dying of cancer. The cook watches through the order window.


That Customer


The bell hanging at the entrance sounded as the door opened, letting a gush of cool wind sweep through the slightly warm and comfy diner.

” Hi, Welcome to Jules!” The waitress greeted with her most cheerful voice.  It had been a rather slow afternoon today at the diner so there wasn’t much to be done. With hair up in a ponytail, bright coloured high cuts and a simple black apron draped over her red checkered mid length A-line skirt and white frilly top, the waitress kept her small notebook in her front pocket and proceeded to the front half of the diner. She was lucky that such a place was willing to hire her for her age. The month was coming to an end and the thought of receiving her pay & first bonus was just exciting.  After all, she was a step closer to saving up for her tuition fee for that Dance Academy she finally got in to.

A rather tall, old man dressed in a simple suede midnight blue suit, no tie, and a top hat lets the door close behind him before walking forward.

“Mr Whalfs! What a pleasure to see you!”

The waitress hurried over to his side as though welcoming an important person. It has been long since he last visited Jules.

“Your usual spot I suppose,” she confirmed as she led him over to the seat by the window at the far end.

” Eggs & Mash? More pepper & butter and a little sour cream on top. Will be right back!” She hurried over to the counter to place his order. She adored this old man, not in a way of a lover but like a family, her Grandfather to be exact. Her Grandfather took care and taught her many things when she was a child, when he was still alive. Mr Whalfs reminded her of Him. He was also the reason that her time at Jules was such a pleasant one. A quiet but cheerful and gentle one, really. He would stay for hours just to leave at exactly 6:45PM to take a short walk down to his Wife’s Florist at the end of the street to pick her up.

If she was lucky, he would motion her to sit down with him and he would proceed on to share stories about his life and his one true love, his wife, when the diner wasn’t busy.

Mr Whalfs carefully placed his top hat on his right and as if on cue, his phone rang.

The Plump, rosy-cheeked Main Cook observed the Old Man from the order window with a curious look. He watched as Mr Whalfs answered his phone with a slight… dark expression. Worried or dreadful, he was unsure. Mr Whalfs only listened and never talked. The main cook watched as Mr Whalfs squeezed his eyes shut and took a deep breath out as though he was getting ready to take in a terrible news. He watched the sides of his lips, how they quivered a little and how it slowly tugged upwards. He smiled. Not with joy but with a sad relief.

“Special Order of Eggs & Mash is ready!” one of the  cooks announced.

The main cook turned around , slowly averting his gaze from the old man with a confused look and inspected the order before placing it on the Counter top for collection. He just couldn’t understand the situation.


The collection bell resonated throughout the diner. The plate of Eggs & Mash was placed carefully in front of him. It was one of those rare moments again that she was called to join him at the table. He put a spoonful of mash in his mouth & looked up at her with a sad smile. She didn’t get it, what was wrong?

“Was it not up to standard?” She asked. He shook his head and chuckled.  Did something happen? It got her worried.

He started, ” My child, life is beautiful in a strange way. Treasure the ones you have and treasure yourself because only then will you not regret anything in life,” he averted his gaze to the food. “Life is short, make the best of it,” and took another bite of his eggs.

She was surprised and confused. It was the first time he had talked so much, so… strangely as well.

” It’s true you know? Life isn’t complete without love. I may be well off but without her walking this path with me, it wouldn’t have been so special. I’m glad. ” He continued.

She finally spoke up.

“I…I don’t understand… Mr Whalfs, why are you telling me this?”

He put down is knife and fork and looked up, ” Tell me, little one, would you feel happy letting go of that special someone who is suffering, even if it means that you’ll be suffering instead?” After digesting what he asked, she finally realized what this was all about. Unsure, yes, but she felt that her suspicions could be close.

She thought back to her late Younger sister who died and answered, “I would Mr Whalfs, I would. Even if it means that I would be alone. Because seeing them trying their best to hold on and not to leave us behind but suffering physically is even more painful than seeing them pass on.” Tears were lining her eyes as she thought back to that time at the hospital where she assured her sister that it was alright to pass on, that no one would blame her and promised her sister that they would be happy for her, just like she wanted, because she was no longer suffering.

Mr Whalfs smiled a genuine happy smile.

“Then I guess we’re similar in that way.”

He then got up, straightened his suit and put on his Top Hat. He took out an envelope and placed it in front of her. Tipping it slightly, he wished her farewell and started walking  towards the exit. She stared at the enveloped for a few seconds, stunned. She was right. Hurriedly, she took the envelope in her hands and chased after Mr Whalfs.

“W-what’s… taking her away? ”

With hands already on the door handle, he stopped and whispered with a smile.

“Cancer. Cancer, my child.”

With one last bow he exited the diner. A note was written on the underside of the envelope. It read, ‘ Thank You, It was a nice meal. I hope this helps you with chasing you dream.’ Carefully, she opened it.

Inside laid a cheque of $900,000.

The Rain got heavier, as though a substitute for his tears that wouldn’t fall. It was the last time she had ever saw him.

Whew, okay i’m finally done.


It has been long since I’ve last wrote.

Worried… because I don’t think this is even up to standard ><

Guess what? The rain has stopped! Haha~ The power was cut off midway into writing this but thank god I’m using a laptop.

I guess some parts are a little choppy but oh well, doesn’t really matter for now~

Kinda gave up making the structure look nice… this damn blog doesn’t allow me to edit it the way I want :((((


Book Recommendation: Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend

26 Oct

Book Recommendation: Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend

It has been long since I’ve last picked up a book and have a good read. Was browsing through my really dusty shelf of books and came across the my last read, Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend. Honestly, this isn’t a genre that I read Often and all the more makes it even more convincing when I say that this is a good read.
Although it is to be read leisurely, it certainly has quite a few exciting and intriguing parts and rather unique plots that would leave you on the edge. Written from the Point-Of-View of an Imaginary Friend, This book tells a story of an Autistic Child named Budo and his Imaginary Friend.
It is a good change from your rather normal Crime Fiction or over dramatic romance novels. I mean, really, wouldn’t you want to know what it is like to be that imagination instead of that realistic human being for once?
If you have not read it, do pick it up and start reading!
You’ll find yourself being drawn into the story soon enough.

Sneak Peak: EPILOGUE

I open my eyes. I am staring at eyes. I have seen these eyes before. They are dark and warm. They know me.

I cannot place them. And then I can.

I do not understand.

I say her name.


And then I know.

Foreign Bodies 13th Generation’s First Performance Behind the Scenes

26 Oct

So here I am going all nuts over another Performance. Aching body, sore muscles & semi-zombie mode in class.

Unlike the previous one (dance Synergy), this would be my first outdoor, rather large scale performance with my Foreign Bodies 13th Generation. Our usual practicing has been extended to 2 to 3 practices and has been extended to the entire week, only exclusive of Sunday as of yesterday’s confirmation. We have 2 choreos to settle this time round. One ICs item and one Jin Wen’s Item (refer to Dance Synergy post for who he is).

So the ICs choreo is pretty fun I must say. The theme revolves around Basketball (Lil Bow Wow – Basketball) and we will be performing on a Basketball Court 😉 Cool huh? Jin Wen’s one is pretty taxing…. You’ll see what I mean when we’re done with the performance and I have a video to show.

Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 Picture4

Well, last Wednesday was our First Vetting for Dinner-time Performance and woah at the energy. Honestly the batch it self has given each other strength to push on and dance with synergy, creating an impact and atmosphere that has impressed the seniors. Although we are just juniors and some of us not even having any background, we have proved thus far that together we can make a difference xD Our VP, Jessica, has also commended the Juniors for already having that chemistry in this stage of our Junior Years.

Okay besides that, we had quite alot of stuff to clean up and tighten up before our performance on the 9th of November, which explains the 6 days in a row training plus second vetting even with school.


Vetting was memorable as it was probably our first vetting as a batch and 2 of our beloved batch mates actually surprised us with 5 dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts after vetting. So much love, really. As Krispy Kreme has just launched its first outlet at Takashimaya (Orchard), Singapore & everything in SG being overpriced, we really appreciated what they did just to cheer us on. Our 4 beloved ICs at the bottom left hand corner of the PIcture with the almost empty box of Krispy Kreme. Of course we left some for the Seniors & our most respected Jin Wen & Top 3 (VPs & P)

So as the day gets nearer, we hope that we would grow more as a batch and put up an awesome performance when the time comes~ Wooohoo~

Will update again next week if I have the time ^^

MIES_Construction Restaurant

17 Oct


So While on my trip in Korea, I’ve found some very interesting eateries which are worth going. Here is one rather popular and unique Restaurant, MIES Container Restaurant. I visited the one at Hongdae (Hongik Univ. Station) and not surprisingly, the eatery is located near the  right side of the University (if you are facing the university) & in the same street hidden behind some cafes.

Although our first Visit was a treat (see Crazy Adventures In Korea [ Day 6 ] ) , The price however was reasonable enough. Your typical cafe prices from KRW 10 – KRW 14.5 (on average) with relatively large portions.  Not knowing, we went to order 3 different dishes which consisted of Salad Pasta, Garlic Bacon Sweet Chilli Pan & Bacon Cream Pasta. (** Note that last 2 dishes were only consumed by Reeve & I). Every single dish was delicious but we learnt why the salad pasta was usually ordered to be shared by everyone ><



The veggies were fresh but the onion taste was overwhelming. It is alright unless you really don’t like onions… But the pasta texture was perfect. The Pans were actually pan pizzas which uses spoons to dig ’em up. Reeve ordered that and it came with MAPLE SYRUP.


It sounded weird till we tried it and holy cow! It was heaven.  The cream pasta was ordered by me, it was really really good and the cream had a slight sweet taste to it which was unique.


The bacon was fried till crispy and the sauce though sweetish, surprisingly did not put us off halfway. Everything from the sauce to the pasta to the cheese and bacon went well together. The pasta used here isn’t your usual kind of spaghetti. The texture of the noodle is slightly rough which makes it all the more appetizing. the texture also allows the cream sauce to mix better with the pasta.

Because we couldn’t get enough of it, we went back for lunch on our last day.

20130928_142127_7[1]     20130928_141958_17

20130928_142113     20130928_142117

We ordered the same Pan Pizza & Pasta but we added another Pizza pan & also tried the risotto.The Bacon Potato Sweet Chilli was soooo good that we finished it clean but the Seafood Risotto however wasn’t to our liking.


It was too creamy and because no one else wanted to share with me, I could only finish 1/4 with the help of Reeve (even he didn’t want to eat it initially). Haha not saying that it was bad but it wasn’t to our liking. I strongly recommend the Garlic Bacon & Bacon Potato Pans as they are really really good.

They also have another joint in the Gangnam area. Search online for directions to that one. If you’re in Korea or planning to visit there, maybe you should pop by one of their joints to check it out. Let the cute and overly friendly male waiters be a bonus for you 😉

Teenage Kpop Dance Battle

1 Oct

AxE went for our very first competition, TKDB, which is a really big deal here in SG among Kpoppers as there are very few large scaled Kpop competitions which are actually trustworthy. TKDB is organised by the Teenage Magazine Team every year. This year, the competition is even tougher and many groups are back even stronger. Because there is no Quarter Finals, the chances of getting in is much much lower However…. AxE has done it!! We have gotten through the Auditions and in to the Semi Finals (Top 15) and just for that we are proud of ourselves. DSCF9652AxE’s Audition Number, Open Category 005~

DSCF9664With Our Youngest Member who is only 15 this year ^^

Hmmm although we are glad we got through the Auditions. we were faced with a problem which wasn’t really that big at first. Me and Hazwan would be overseas during the semi finals… That’s probably nothing because there is still the other 3.

The real problem was… we had an emergency. Jia Shu had to attend to some emergency family matters and was stuck overseas and by the rules of Teenage, you need a minimum of 3 members.

Even so, I am proud to say that Xin Yi & Wei Ting worked hard and well and did not give up even though we would be disqualified. They gave their best and put up what I would say a well enough performance for a ‘on the day itself prepared’ dance item. So here are my beloved AxE Duo ^^

DSCF9779Wei Ting & Xin Yi, The Youngest & the 2nd Eldest

DSCF9783Looking all swag for the Semi Finals

So even though we couldn’t make it through the Finals, I believe this won’t be our Last so people, be prepared because we’ll be back~

So Here I Am

1 Oct

Some of you must be wondering why I’ve not been updating for the past few weeks. My apologies as I have been away on a Holiday/Trip with some of my close Dance Friends to South Korea!! *WOOTS*

Hmmm anyway I have just landed a few hours ago and was sorting out our videos. Here’s the interesting part about these few blog post. I won’t be writing elaborately about my Korea trip as it is really tedious (2 weeks people, nah uh) Instead I will be sharing our vlogs here !
Part 1& 2 is already on youtube while the rest will done uploaded shortly after I have rest and unpacked but be warned, some of them will be quite lengthy~