Teenage Kpop Dance Battle

1 Oct

AxE went for our very first competition, TKDB, which is a really big deal here in SG among Kpoppers as there are very few large scaled Kpop competitions which are actually trustworthy. TKDB is organised by the Teenage Magazine Team every year. This year, the competition is even tougher and many groups are back even stronger. Because there is no Quarter Finals, the chances of getting in is much much lower However…. AxE has done it!! We have gotten through the Auditions and in to the Semi Finals (Top 15) and just for that we are proud of ourselves. DSCF9652AxE’s Audition Number, Open Category 005~

DSCF9664With Our Youngest Member who is only 15 this year ^^

Hmmm although we are glad we got through the Auditions. we were faced with a problem which wasn’t really that big at first. Me and Hazwan would be overseas during the semi finals… That’s probably nothing because there is still the other 3.

The real problem was… we had an emergency. Jia Shu had to attend to some emergency family matters and was stuck overseas and by the rules of Teenage, you need a minimum of 3 members.

Even so, I am proud to say that Xin Yi & Wei Ting worked hard and well and did not give up even though we would be disqualified. They gave their best and put up what I would say a well enough performance for a ‘on the day itself prepared’ dance item. So here are my beloved AxE Duo ^^

DSCF9779Wei Ting & Xin Yi, The Youngest & the 2nd Eldest

DSCF9783Looking all swag for the Semi Finals

So even though we couldn’t make it through the Finals, I believe this won’t be our Last so people, be prepared because we’ll be back~


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