Song Sharing

29 May

When the starlight turns off one by one outside my window, I write a letter to heaven. You left me and went to someone else but I can’t forget you, so with all my tears I write to heaven. That even if I’m not your love, I’ll be there for you whenever you need me. That as I can’t forget you, I’ll just love you.

Hello! Yes, I finally updated this almost dead blog (apologies, this always tend to happen)
Tonight, I want to share with you a song which has always been an undying favorite to me for i dont know what reason (sad, sad song for a rainy night)

I’ve always wanted to sing this song whenever I have the chance to go for a Karaoke session but somehow don’t manage to find it and recently, I HAVE FOUND THE REASON WHY.

It seems that I was always searching in the track list of the WRONG artiste. i have always thought ‘With My Tears’ was sung by Fly to The Sky (A Korean Duo) but it turned out that it was a recollection and the original singer is So Ji Won (dont really know much about him) and he is said to have died very young and that song was his last song.

The video attached is a cover of the song which I feel is a pretty good rendition of the original (has it’s own flavour)

Will update what I’m up to soon(er or later)

Till then, have a good night People~


My love, I’ll be waiting for you, if my tearful letter reaches heaven. I believe you will eventually come back to me. I will believe that with all my tears.” –Seo Ji Won


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