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November’s best friday

22 Nov

– delayed post, i know… –

So… as usual, half of the class is LATE. Well, that’s kinda extreme but god knows why my Lecturer was in a rather good mood today. Though she locked the door preventing them from coming in, she eventually let them in with just a few questions. /shrugs/

So halfway through the lesson, Abigail received a text from Justina stating that she has further injured her ankle and is unable to walk back. Panicking, she gets our Lecturer, Ms Gayle Quah, to follow her out to help.


Some of you are probably like, what..?

Rewind to the night before.

It would be our Lecturer’s birthday in a few days time and what’s better than a surprise celebration?

Our in-house baker, Amalina (or Mali for short) , volunteered to bake a cake for her while the rest carry on with the plan on that day.

So basically the plan was to get Ms Quah out of the classroom long enough to set up everything which includes cake and the Slide.

Because during the course of lesson, we found out that she’s a crazy fan of New Kids On The Block so we went to use that (thank you Youtube) as our background music.


Of course, the surprise was a success and she loved it. Well, because she loves surprises and she didn’t expect it at all so yay!

So celebration aside, the cake was AWESOME.

Actually, awesome would be an understatement.

20131122_102712 20131122_102012

Basically it is a four layer chocolate and vanilla cake with nutella in the middle, covered with white chololate icing. Okay, maybe my description isn’t that good but the picture would probably be enough.



Foreign Bodies 13th Generation’s First Performance Behind the Scenes

26 Oct

So here I am going all nuts over another Performance. Aching body, sore muscles & semi-zombie mode in class.

Unlike the previous one (dance Synergy), this would be my first outdoor, rather large scale performance with my Foreign Bodies 13th Generation. Our usual practicing has been extended to 2 to 3 practices and has been extended to the entire week, only exclusive of Sunday as of yesterday’s confirmation. We have 2 choreos to settle this time round. One ICs item and one Jin Wen’s Item (refer to Dance Synergy post for who he is).

So the ICs choreo is pretty fun I must say. The theme revolves around Basketball (Lil Bow Wow – Basketball) and we will be performing on a Basketball Court ūüėČ Cool huh? Jin Wen’s one is pretty taxing…. You’ll see what I mean when we’re done with the performance and I have a video to show.

Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 Picture4

Well, last Wednesday was our First Vetting for Dinner-time Performance and woah at the energy. Honestly the batch it self has given each other strength to push on and dance with synergy, creating an impact and atmosphere that has impressed the seniors. Although we are just juniors and some of us not even having any background, we have proved thus far that together we can make a difference xD Our VP, Jessica, has also commended the Juniors for already having that chemistry in this stage of our Junior Years.

Okay besides that, we had quite alot of stuff to clean up and tighten up before our performance on the 9th of November, which explains the 6 days in a row training plus second vetting even with school.


Vetting was memorable as it was probably our first vetting as a batch and 2 of our beloved batch mates actually surprised us with 5 dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts after vetting. So much love, really. As Krispy Kreme has just launched its first outlet at Takashimaya (Orchard), Singapore & everything in SG being overpriced, we really appreciated what they did just to cheer us on. Our 4 beloved ICs at the bottom left hand corner of the PIcture with the almost empty box of Krispy Kreme. Of course we left some for the Seniors & our most respected Jin Wen & Top 3 (VPs & P)

So as the day gets nearer, we hope that we would grow more as a batch and put up an awesome performance when the time comes~ Wooohoo~

Will update again next week if I have the time ^^

Officially 18

22 Aug

CYMERA_20130821_123232So here I am, after spending my birthday morning at home before I head to school for Self Practice. Well, I’m finally turning 18 today and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. Haha! Anyway, that was me yesterday ^^

Apparently I’ve been receiving long texts, short texts, facebook wishes and weird birthday voice messages (Thank you Weiting <3) since I woke up.

Hmmm the Fbodz peeps were suppose to meet at like what? 2:30PM? but i reached school around 3 and only Daphne & Justin was there lying down at the studio. Gee~


Hui Xian was supposed to meet me but she was running late. To my surprise she actually went down to Twelve Cupcakes and bought me TWO of them as my birthday ‘cake’

AWWWWWW~ Haha I did not expect that at all and I did not suspect anything. Wow.. I just be like, not expecting anything from anyone man xD

Anyway they sang a birthday song for me (hahahahaha so cute) and yea. The rest wished me as they came… which they didn’t start doing so until HE walked passed and wished me. (Argh~ Dying of happiness) ><

Apparently another surprise was waiting for me but I just didn’t notice any of the preparations. Hints were like ICs (ZQ) looking down on the juniors from above and seniors walking pass and what not. I did not know that few of them were distractions… For once I’m more blur than Xin Yi ūüėÄ

So anyway Hazwan asked me to accompany him go buy drinks and makan with XY or something so I just went and Xin Yi was there sitting at the table. When we came back, Wei Ting who came ALLLLLLLLLL the way from RGS jumped out with the cake.



Whenever our crew celebrates a birthday, we ALWAYS go to polar and buy the exact same cake, just with different designs. Love that cake anyway.

Jia Shu overshot his timing and came late…. See la bboy some more… But they sang like 3 times or something in the canteen which was embarassing…. ><

Afterwards… then went, ” I hope you’re hungry because…” and pulled out two boxes of Pizzas.


CYMERA_20130822_184908Pizzas for Birthday Dinner ‚̧

DSCF8970With Weiting who traveled all the way from RGS to NYP after school

DSCF8956happygirl95 because I have an extra candle to play with

I would like to thank everyone who has wished me and celebrated with me. It is the first time that 2 groups of people has celebrated my birthday for me and surprsingly, all are from dance. Camolahsia, Hui Xian & 13th Gen and AxE Family.

I love you guys ‚̧


Family Picture ‚̧

Saveur @ Purvis Street

21 Aug

206828_101673976587768_101667346588431_11127_6893037_nSo a group of us went out on an ‘Atas‘ outing together to celebrate post-Sophia’s birthday & my Pre-birthday with Lunch at Saveur.Hazwan, my bestie will forever be present and the other 3 were these awesome trio I met from Dance.

20130821_123139( Wanying, Sophia & Julyn )


Saveur opens at 12PM for lunch and its probably best for you to come slightly earlier as there would probably be a queue. Yep, they are THAT popular. I bet some of you have probably heard of them on other popular food blogs in SG.


The fastest way to get there is by alighting at Bugis and walking towards Inter-Continental Hotel. Stand at the road facing the National library. After Crossing, walk to the left side of the Library and walk along that stretch. DO LOOK OUT if not you’ll be walking to the wrong way and may even end up at Selegie Road ( which we did)

The Bistro ‘s pretty small so don’t expect a luxury of space while dining however, the ambience was rather cosy and not overly lit. We got a seat near the kitchen which was cool because Saveur has an Open (or semi-open, im not too sure) kitchen concept.

Now, FOOD.

For Starters, we ordered two Mushroom Cappuccinos ($4.90 each) to share. These are actually Mushroom Soup that is served to look like your everyday Cuppas. Bonus points to the creativity. Everyone loved it. Creamy and solid and more mushroom than anything else. The cream wasn’t too much and no other ingredient overpowered the rich mushroom taste. I honestly cannot imagine the amount of mushrooms that goes into the soup. Though the portion is small (french food, duh) the soup texture and richness made up for it. Tasted super Atas okay.


¬†Next thing on the list was¬†Saveur’s Pasta & Chilled Crab Meat Pasta,¬†both of which were equally heavenly.¬†¬†The pasta were cooked well, all ingredients were fresh and everything went well together. Seasonings were just right, not too overpowering, neither was it too bland. The Saveur’s Pasta was more popular with my friends though they enjoyed both. Honestly I was very tempted to order another plate but… another time perhaps. Honestly their description is as good as it tastes, maybe even better so I’ll probably not spoil it for you but these two are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED when you visit Saveur. One more thing, I really really REALLY like the plating for the starters. Honestly I feel that they make a difference because rarely do you see pasta served this way, all rolled up and believe me, rolling ’em up ain’t as easy as it seems.

CYMERA_20130821_123402A signature of Saveur’s, pasta tossed with chilli oil, fine-chopped Japanese konbu¬†& sakura ebi with minced pork sauce¬†

– 4.9 –

CYMERA_20130821_123514Angel-hair pasta w pickled carrots and d______, & lumpfish Caviar

– 7.9 –

 We, excluding Haz, got ourselves each a Main which we ended up with Two Chicken ( Julyn & Mine) & Two Duck mains (Sophia & Wan Ying).


The Duck Confit¬†($10.90) was really good, though small. ¬†I went to look up the cooking method used out of curiosity and just to share it with those who don’t know as well, ¬†Confit¬†(French, pronounced¬†[k…ĒŐÉfi]¬†or in English “con-fee”) is a generic term for various kinds of food that have been immersed in oil (never to exceed 185¬įF) or sugar water. Sealed and stored in a cool, dark place, confit can last for several months. Confit is one of the oldest ways to preserve food¬†and is a speciality of southwestern¬†France.

Confit of  duck (confit de canard) are usually prepared from the legs of the bird. The meat is salted and seasoned with herbs, and slowly cooked submerged in its own rendered fat, in which it is then preserved by allowing it to cool and storing it in the fat. Turkey and pork may be treated similarly. Meat confits are a specialty of the southwest of France (Toulouse, Dordogne, etc.) and are used in dishes such as cassoulet. Confit preparations originated as a means of preserving meats without refrigeration. 

The meat of the duck was tender while the skin was thin and crispy. The taste wasn’t too salty and it went well with the heavenly mash potato at the bottom. The mash alone was perfect. Honestly the mash potato really surprised me as it was not the usual kind I ate. Instead it was thick and smooth, and somewhat buttery and creamy at the same time and hmmm I don’t really know how to describe it but it was simply delectable, even on its own. The mushrooms at the side were cooked just right and I really loved the taste. I wanted more!! The Orange at the side were really really sweet. Each and every part of the wish was delicious on its own but together it tasted even better.


The Chicken Roulade ($9.90) ordered by Sophia & Wan Ying looked smaller than our already small Duck Confit however they told us that it was really filling because of the rich and creamy basmati rice.


Overview of our desserts (without Hazwan’s Pistachio though)

We ordered almost everything on the dessert Menu except for the Strawberries & Cream and Salted Caramel Lava Cake. Honestly I should have ordered Strawberries & Cream instead of Texture of Citrus because Rose Meringue T_T

Desserts in Order: Coffee Creme Brulee -6.9- , Cookies & Milk -9.9- , Chocolate & Hazelnut -7.9- , Pistachio Panna Cotta -6.9-

CYMERA_20130821_131340 CYMERA_20130821_131511



Finally my own snapback ‚̧ Bought it at Bugis Street with the rest and our theme was Camo (which explains our WhatsApp Group #CamoLahSia) I think they were kind of pretty and this one actually fit me O_O plus it was on sale… Like 2 for god knows how much therefore we decided to buy it as a group… And we needed it for Dance Synergy Performance as well.

After a Good Meal & Shopping was of course, Karaoke. Anyway we had fun but we had another round of food in the karaoke lounge /teehee/ and yep that’s out it.

Overall a day well spent with the gang and I would definitely go back to Saveur to try out the other items (or even the same ones) in the near future.



19 Aug

I’m probably dropping by Dunkin Doughnut on the way to Dance prac tomorrow.
Needs to satisfy cravings…