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Song Sharing

29 May

When the starlight turns off one by one outside my window, I write a letter to heaven. You left me and went to someone else but I can’t forget you, so with all my tears I write to heaven. That even if I’m not your love, I’ll be there for you whenever you need me. That as I can’t forget you, I’ll just love you.

Hello! Yes, I finally updated this almost dead blog (apologies, this always tend to happen)
Tonight, I want to share with you a song which has always been an undying favorite to me for i dont know what reason (sad, sad song for a rainy night)

I’ve always wanted to sing this song whenever I have the chance to go for a Karaoke session but somehow don’t manage to find it and recently, I HAVE FOUND THE REASON WHY.

It seems that I was always searching in the track list of the WRONG artiste. i have always thought ‘With My Tears’ was sung by Fly to The Sky (A Korean Duo) but it turned out that it was a recollection and the original singer is So Ji Won (dont really know much about him) and he is said to have died very young and that song was his last song.

The video attached is a cover of the song which I feel is a pretty good rendition of the original (has it’s own flavour)

Will update what I’m up to soon(er or later)

Till then, have a good night People~


My love, I’ll be waiting for you, if my tearful letter reaches heaven. I believe you will eventually come back to me. I will believe that with all my tears.” –Seo Ji Won


Watch “Know Your Limits ‘Mai Gei Kiang'” on YouTube

29 Jan

HI GUYS! So here is the video youve been waiting for so please please watch like and share this video with everyone you know and get them to like it as well yea? Youll earn nothing but good karma points and virtual hugs from me~ 

Every like makes my grades to the more the better. 
Thank you!!! ♥


Know Your Limits

28 Jan

Know Your Limits

So I’m finally back but but im here to advertise.
Do anticipate our public service announcement video that is coming up tomorrow.
For the time being, here is the poster for it ^^

November’s best friday

22 Nov

– delayed post, i know… –

So… as usual, half of the class is LATE. Well, that’s kinda extreme but god knows why my Lecturer was in a rather good mood today. Though she locked the door preventing them from coming in, she eventually let them in with just a few questions. /shrugs/

So halfway through the lesson, Abigail received a text from Justina stating that she has further injured her ankle and is unable to walk back. Panicking, she gets our Lecturer, Ms Gayle Quah, to follow her out to help.


Some of you are probably like, what..?

Rewind to the night before.

It would be our Lecturer’s birthday in a few days time and what’s better than a surprise celebration?

Our in-house baker, Amalina (or Mali for short) , volunteered to bake a cake for her while the rest carry on with the plan on that day.

So basically the plan was to get Ms Quah out of the classroom long enough to set up everything which includes cake and the Slide.

Because during the course of lesson, we found out that she’s a crazy fan of New Kids On The Block so we went to use that (thank you Youtube) as our background music.


Of course, the surprise was a success and she loved it. Well, because she loves surprises and she didn’t expect it at all so yay!

So celebration aside, the cake was AWESOME.

Actually, awesome would be an understatement.

20131122_102712 20131122_102012

Basically it is a four layer chocolate and vanilla cake with nutella in the middle, covered with white chololate icing. Okay, maybe my description isn’t that good but the picture would probably be enough.


Being Patriotic on a non National Day

21 Nov

As part of one of my modules, we were invited to attend (or watch) a concert put up by the Music & Drama Company under the SAF (i think). Basically, it was to celebrate MDC’s 40th anniversary and honestly, it was my first time hearing of it.


Most of my course mates were… almost uninterested. They were dreading it as they felt that they were being forced to attend it. However, I was secretly anticipating it slightly more than the rest. Not 100%, but probably about 65%? Maybe slightly more.

Mmmm, overall it wasn’t very entertaining but that may be because of my higher expectation for theater work, regardless of whether is it a Musical or Performance or what not. But nonetheless, I appreciated their effect in putting up the show.

HOWEVER, there were some performances that were really great. Probably because there were performances by local youth artiste and honestly they weren’t bad at all. We had Sezairi Sezali & Shigga Shay in the house!~

20131121_152333 20131121_162817 20131121_16443720131121_164915

Those were probably the two artiste performances that I enjoyed the most and the other was the SAF Band & Fancy/Precision Drill.

It’s like memories y’know? Band, Marching, and currently dance. Though the dancers were clearly trained more in contemporary or modern dance cause honestly more of them couldn’t pull of other Genres especially Hip Hop. 

I was surprised to see Fong’s name on the booklet and honestly thought that it was probably someone with a similar name but the shock I got when I saw him backstage. Haha! Well Fong is a Lion City Locker from The Basic Five and also my Foreign Bodies Senior. A much respected Senior, He’s rather popular in Singapore~

Another surprise I got was seeing Jin Wen at the show as well! 

Managed to have a random chit chat session with Shigga Shay while walking past and woah, his complexion is seriously good. Like, HOW?!?! (Yes, we went backstage cause we’re awesome)

Honestly I felt thankful because I got to hear Sezairi’s New song which has not been released yet so BONUS!

So it was a not so bad day… and also because My lecturer drove me back to school so I saved on my transport cost. 

And then it was practice to end the day. 

13th Gen’s First Performance

17 Nov

Hey! So training for the Performance is finally over!! Woohoo!

It was a memorable experience training together and putting up a show with the whole Family and we had a blast that day though security was tight and we were performing to a bunch of elderly people. Hmmmm

On the bright side, Prime Minister Lee was there to grace the event and commended up on our performance and even came in (inpromptu) to grab a informal picture with us ^^ Nice guy, really.

Mmm so the performance wasn’t exactly perfect as we experience a major hiccup on the day itself. The stage was too bloody small and shaky. We had to change formation during our waiting time, work together with everyone in order to still put up a good show and I guess everyone was happy with the outcome though it was a pity. However our joy came from the cheers, smiles and applause from the folks watching us. They may not have understood out dance but it brought them joy and some even danced along. Touched ;’) 

So If you wanna watch our performance, here is the video!   (because I can’t embed it at this moment)

Also, don’t forget to watch, like & share my prev video titled ‘ The Notebook’ 


School Project : The Notebook

13 Nov
Hey guys! So.. I’ve done up a video about my Polytechnic and I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to watch it and share it as it would be accounted for in my overall grades. Though it may not concern you, you probably can just take a look on how my school life is in Singapore and some funny pictures inside.
If the Video doesn’t work, Click on the picture for it^^