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MIES_Construction Restaurant

17 Oct


So While on my trip in Korea, I’ve found some very interesting eateries which are worth going. Here is one rather popular and unique Restaurant, MIES Container Restaurant. I visited the one at Hongdae (Hongik Univ. Station) and not surprisingly, the eatery is located near the  right side of the University (if you are facing the university) & in the same street hidden behind some cafes.

Although our first Visit was a treat (see Crazy Adventures In Korea [ Day 6 ] ) , The price however was reasonable enough. Your typical cafe prices from KRW 10 – KRW 14.5 (on average) with relatively large portions.  Not knowing, we went to order 3 different dishes which consisted of Salad Pasta, Garlic Bacon Sweet Chilli Pan & Bacon Cream Pasta. (** Note that last 2 dishes were only consumed by Reeve & I). Every single dish was delicious but we learnt why the salad pasta was usually ordered to be shared by everyone ><



The veggies were fresh but the onion taste was overwhelming. It is alright unless you really don’t like onions… But the pasta texture was perfect. The Pans were actually pan pizzas which uses spoons to dig ’em up. Reeve ordered that and it came with MAPLE SYRUP.


It sounded weird till we tried it and holy cow! It was heaven.  The cream pasta was ordered by me, it was really really good and the cream had a slight sweet taste to it which was unique.


The bacon was fried till crispy and the sauce though sweetish, surprisingly did not put us off halfway. Everything from the sauce to the pasta to the cheese and bacon went well together. The pasta used here isn’t your usual kind of spaghetti. The texture of the noodle is slightly rough which makes it all the more appetizing. the texture also allows the cream sauce to mix better with the pasta.

Because we couldn’t get enough of it, we went back for lunch on our last day.

20130928_142127_7[1]     20130928_141958_17

20130928_142113     20130928_142117

We ordered the same Pan Pizza & Pasta but we added another Pizza pan & also tried the risotto.The Bacon Potato Sweet Chilli was soooo good that we finished it clean but the Seafood Risotto however wasn’t to our liking.


It was too creamy and because no one else wanted to share with me, I could only finish 1/4 with the help of Reeve (even he didn’t want to eat it initially). Haha not saying that it was bad but it wasn’t to our liking. I strongly recommend the Garlic Bacon & Bacon Potato Pans as they are really really good.

They also have another joint in the Gangnam area. Search online for directions to that one. If you’re in Korea or planning to visit there, maybe you should pop by one of their joints to check it out. Let the cute and overly friendly male waiters be a bonus for you 😉


So Here I Am

1 Oct

Some of you must be wondering why I’ve not been updating for the past few weeks. My apologies as I have been away on a Holiday/Trip with some of my close Dance Friends to South Korea!! *WOOTS*

Hmmm anyway I have just landed a few hours ago and was sorting out our videos. Here’s the interesting part about these few blog post. I won’t be writing elaborately about my Korea trip as it is really tedious (2 weeks people, nah uh) Instead I will be sharing our vlogs here !
Part 1& 2 is already on youtube while the rest will done uploaded shortly after I have rest and unpacked but be warned, some of them will be quite lengthy~