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13th Gen’s First Performance

17 Nov

Hey! So training for the Performance is finally over!! Woohoo!

It was a memorable experience training together and putting up a show with the whole Family and we had a blast that day though security was tight and we were performing to a bunch of elderly people. Hmmmm

On the bright side, Prime Minister Lee was there to grace the event and commended up on our performance and even came in (inpromptu) to grab a informal picture with us ^^ Nice guy, really.

Mmm so the performance wasn’t exactly perfect as we experience a major hiccup on the day itself. The stage was too bloody small and shaky. We had to change formation during our waiting time, work together with everyone in order to still put up a good show and I guess everyone was happy with the outcome though it was a pity. However our joy came from the cheers, smiles and applause from the folks watching us. They may not have understood out dance but it brought them joy and some even danced along. Touched ;’) 

So If you wanna watch our performance, here is the video!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yn_CYJ18sH8   (because I can’t embed it at this moment)

Also, don’t forget to watch, like & share my prev video titled ‘ The Notebook’ 



Foreign Bodies 13th Generation’s First Performance Behind the Scenes

26 Oct

So here I am going all nuts over another Performance. Aching body, sore muscles & semi-zombie mode in class.

Unlike the previous one (dance Synergy), this would be my first outdoor, rather large scale performance with my Foreign Bodies 13th Generation. Our usual practicing has been extended to 2 to 3 practices and has been extended to the entire week, only exclusive of Sunday as of yesterday’s confirmation. We have 2 choreos to settle this time round. One ICs item and one Jin Wen’s Item (refer to Dance Synergy post for who he is).

So the ICs choreo is pretty fun I must say. The theme revolves around Basketball (Lil Bow Wow – Basketball) and we will be performing on a Basketball Court 😉 Cool huh? Jin Wen’s one is pretty taxing…. You’ll see what I mean when we’re done with the performance and I have a video to show.

Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 Picture4

Well, last Wednesday was our First Vetting for Dinner-time Performance and woah at the energy. Honestly the batch it self has given each other strength to push on and dance with synergy, creating an impact and atmosphere that has impressed the seniors. Although we are just juniors and some of us not even having any background, we have proved thus far that together we can make a difference xD Our VP, Jessica, has also commended the Juniors for already having that chemistry in this stage of our Junior Years.

Okay besides that, we had quite alot of stuff to clean up and tighten up before our performance on the 9th of November, which explains the 6 days in a row training plus second vetting even with school.


Vetting was memorable as it was probably our first vetting as a batch and 2 of our beloved batch mates actually surprised us with 5 dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnuts after vetting. So much love, really. As Krispy Kreme has just launched its first outlet at Takashimaya (Orchard), Singapore & everything in SG being overpriced, we really appreciated what they did just to cheer us on. Our 4 beloved ICs at the bottom left hand corner of the PIcture with the almost empty box of Krispy Kreme. Of course we left some for the Seniors & our most respected Jin Wen & Top 3 (VPs & P)

So as the day gets nearer, we hope that we would grow more as a batch and put up an awesome performance when the time comes~ Wooohoo~

Will update again next week if I have the time ^^

Dance Synergy 2013

10 Sep

1236826_601588493213184_241769572_nSo Dance Synergy is finally over, YAY!

Had lots of fun during Dance Synergy Week learning, watching, practicing & just having fun with everyone.  Honestly, I’m very honored to be part of Dance Synergy 2013 as this is its DEBUT SHOW! Woo!~ As a starting Dancer, its a really huge honor to be standing & performing on a huge huge stage (NYP Auditorium) in front of a huge audience for a Debut show at that. Though tiring and time consuming, every bit of the rehearsal and waiting for enjoyable. Mmm being nervous is normal but while on stage, everything just disappeared. This is probably the first time I’ve ever enjoyed dancing on stage so much and just giving my all and having fun.  I felt like I have achieved something and am proud of myself for doing my best on stage. From being so so to being able to put a performance standard item on stage and getting praised by the alumni made us all felt relieved and happy as we were really worried that we did not do a good job.

For those who came to watch, I hope you have enjoyed yourself with our performances that we put our all into and also thank you for being there. Honestly I felt that Jin Wen did an excellent job in organizing the First ever Dance Synergy, coming out with the theme, doing the vetting, putting everything together, giving feedback, teaching and whatnot. The show wouldn’t be what it was without him and with crew.

Beside him there is also Ian Poar ^^ This friend here started off as a dancer with a dream and now he is achieving more that what he wanted. I’m proud of him as a friend and a dancer and also grateful as it he has a huge part to play in the show as well.

Summary of the show, Dance Synergy 2013 tells a story of a world without colors, where everything is black & white. (opening, gloomy) and as the show progresses, after the bad there is good and slowly the colors starts coming in. Everything ends on a bright note and a mass dance which hyped up everyone.  Video of the last Item (StageArts) will be linked up here as that is the only Video I can find.

Stage Arts Dance Synergy 2013

Besides the show itself, I’m really grateful for the StageArts Dance Junior Batch who after everything, made Hazwan’s & my choreography look good on stage ❤ For that I really wanna thank every one of them because after all it was our first ever choreography and leaving that kind of impact makes it all the more memorable for us.

Oh Ari, Wei Ting, Hui Xian & Reeve took the time to come down to support (YAY) so i am really thankful for that as well. Fbodz 13th Gen peeps came down a well but only a few stayed to take pics with us ^^

It is an honor to have Diane Yap, my fbodz 10th Gen senior, IMP7CT Ace, Korean class friend & my Dance Idol to be down watching my first ever performance and also preparing chocs for me. She is really a dancer I look up to a lot and to get commendation from her, to me is really a HUGE deal & encouragement.

#camolahsia has also made this Dance Synergy experience even more memorable because they are the group of friends I made through Stage Arts & Dance Synergy. They’ve also shared many memories during the period of DS prep and have been there to encourage me and accompany me.

Lastly, AxE.  Hazwan, Xin Yi & I got to perform on a big stage together (though in diff groups) apart from our normal Crew pracs. I hope we would be able to perform on a similar big stage together as a crew in the near future. Wei Ting came down to support us which we were really grateful but our Jia Shu couldn’t make it 😦  Talking about that, Teenage Auditions in 3 days time!!

Actually I have alot to say but too many things are difficult to be put into words so they will just be memories in my head. I’ll probably add on to this post when I want to so.. yea, that’s it for now ^^

Pictures will be up here soon! ~


With Passion & Ability

27 Aug

Just wanted to share something I found on the net. I really think this is just… wow. The techniques, the entertainment factor and showmanship. Whether or not they are professionals doesn’t matter to me.

Regardless, enjoy the video.

Foreign Bodies @ Gardens By The Bay

26 Aug

Photo Credits to Fbodz President, Tommy

Yesterday was finally the day. If you guys were wondering who were the group of dope dancers performing at  Gardens By The Bay (GBTB) last night, Foreign Bodies is their name! FBodz performed at SuperTree Grove as part of the ‘August Garden Series’

So, I met up with Hazwan & Hui Xian for dinner at Pizza Hut & Starbucks before heading over to GBTB to support the Seniors. We were supposed to meet up with the rest of 13th Gen first before heading to the main area but we were slightly late so… yea. It was really funny how we were all chill and all, looking for the seniors till they came walking out from their holding area because our reaction was all the same. Drastic change though. Suddenly every junior felt intimidated and went all quiet. Haha! Typical reaction luh honestly ><

Was super excited to watch the performance after seeing bits and pieces of their items during their practices in school.

Finally at around 7PM, the performance finally begun! I think the performance attracted alot of attention there as many people crowded around to watch and many cheered loudly (not just us okay) for them as well. The performance kicked off with a good start. First up we had Larry & Leon’s Hip Hop item.

Looking fierce eh? (click to enlarge pictures because they’re small)

larry hip hop

Hmmm I think the choreo was really good, performance too~ However, (i’m so sorry, dont kill me T_T) I felt like that in-the-air stunt was not necessary but that’s just my opinion. I felt that the item was already good enough and could do without it but that doesn’t mean the stunt wasn’t cool. IT AS COOL OKAY BECAUSE IT IS DIFFICULT TO DOOOOOOOOO.

The next performance really brought it up. Choreographed by Amalina & Zhi Qiang, we have…. /wait for it/.. REGGAE DANCEHALL ❤ *woots* DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE REGGAE DANCEHALL?! Totally loved it~ Everyone was burning the stage *_* Joining this is probably my first goal after becoming a senior next year.

1234386_10200310609228848_1510374020_nIt was actually two choreographies in one (if you haven’t already guessed it from the music) First was a new choreo and the second one was from NYP’s 2013 Club Crawl ^^ Both are equally loved and ouhhh Dancehall is damn sexy okay and I honestly need to train more on my Isolation. After seeing Zowell’s , I think mine is just bad.



Hehe Xin Yi~~

Dancehall was followed by Ruzaini’s Swag Item. Fun Fact: ALL of the 12th Gen ICs ( Xin Yi, Di Di, Zuraida & Zhi Qiang) are in that item. Love Love Love this Item as well~ //BOOM BOOM SHAKE SHAKE DA BOOM!// This Item will be performed during Dance Synergy next week as well. Crew Mate Xin Yi had a small solo part there yo~~ (SWAG cropped top Girl). Another Genre I would love to try/take when I become a Senior in FBodz. Lots and lots of control needed ><

1150279_10200310626349276_1569064251_n1239492_10200310620829138_1731832959_n   1230074_10200310981358151_393508993_n

Next, SPECIAL ITEM! Combined Popping-Locking Item. I think it was really well done especially when they made use of the pairings and I really love the song Treasure. If you like funk music or funk styles, you should probably watch this one. Hehe~ Actually I don’t think I need to express how much I love this Item as well because I think I just loved all the items equally (but slightly more for the Dancehall, Swag & lyrical Items)

NEXT TIME IS ALSO SPECIAL OKAY. It was the Item I was looking forward to the most that night. Girl’s Styling (or is this girl’s hip hop?) …

1239041_10200310656910040_2131857171_nBAD, BAD, BAD BITCH!~ Was it the best performance that night? I think so man. I heard that the Dancers for this Item was hand picked by the Choreographer, Anna. Please prepare tissue in case you nose bleeds. I really would like to try a choreography like this but but but.. I don’t think I can do it as well as them… and pulling it off would be… So I really respect dancers who can really do sexy well… As well as Lyrical but that’s another story.

1184878_10200311041159646_157121830_nOUH! Okay this is another Girl’s Style Choreo done by Naz & Inah. Different Kind of Sexy. YAY NAZ & INAH! hehe~

Then it’s Khair (Dope senior, mad respect for him) & Daniel’s Hip Hop Item! I really like their style though. Mainly made up of Grand Seniors rather than 12Gen seniors BUT there are A FEW of them inside. Eh but DOPE LA BODOH!


During the Break they had a special short (freestyle) performance by Rory and Mikeh. Both were dope /as expected/ for both the timeslots. Okay so they actually performed twice because there were two slots so… yea. For the First ‘guest’ from the Audience, we had Justin AKA Jin (LION CITY LOCKER!) to learn abit of Popping from the both of them. One thing you should know, fbodz peeps are real entertainers and not just by dancers. Haha Jin played along in learning and being a ‘noob’ and Mikeh and Rory giving a rather exaggerated reaction but his true ability came out when we was asked to freestyle. It should be available on YouTube if I’m not wrong. Will post it up if I can find it 🙂  The 2nd guest (as in 2nd segment’s guest) was none other than… eh Sorry I forgot his name and if i’m not wrong his name is NOT JAKE as said in the video (will try to find it). The video explains it all uh. Actually you can try looking for the video on their YT channel (link below)



Isaac & Zuraidi’s LYRICAL! I don’t know why but for both the starting, the wrong song was played and Isaac being the joker he is started dancing to the song for the fun of it during the Second performance. Ah well, dancers 😉 I really think this Lyrical choreo was well done. YAY Isaac! ^^

Hmm next was KPOP. I think it’s really rare to see Foreign Bodies doing KPOP for a performance. Anyway they did After School’s Because Of You, which I think the Majority did super well because OMG the feel *_* & also Didi & Khair’s starting was <3, and also DMTN’s ER.


RAIZAN’S SWAG ITEM. Actually I’m not sure whether it’s Raizan’s but I think it is. HOLY SHIT I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS ITEM OKAY. Many of my batch mates mistook it for lyrical (yes, I can see why because I made the same mistake before) but it is actually Swag Item. The more chill more groovy swag compared to the one in Segment 1. I think its refreshing to see chill swag item because you don’t get to see it often, especially if its a damn good one.


Up next, Guy’s Lyrical.  JT’s Suit & Tie choreographed by Kai Jie. I think it was really nice to watch and the boys were really charming on stage~ But… idk why the right side looks a little empty. Choreographer is the super tall guy in the middle for the most of the choreography. (Do not refer to picture, haha)


Up next, Girl’s Styling again. Haha I think this one was supposed to be abit more bimbo? But I really enjoyed watching it as well. Wlao why so sexy sia… Jealous because I can’t dance until that standard. /cries/ the second song they did was the senior (alumni) girls item for club crawl 2013 but this item has seniors inside as well of course.



Okay, the next one is like a total nose bleed okay. STREET JAZZ YO! I swear this is fucking kinky okay and I already love the song (pick me up & thrown me down~) from some time back so… doesn’t help it gets stuck in my head. Honestly the choreographer (Ponytail, bra-let and tights with studded choker) was too fucking hot/sexy that I feel that it should be rated. HOW DO THE PARENTS OF THOSE LITTLE KIDS LET THEIR KIDS WATCH THAT?! Holy shit but that was damn good I cannot…. /cries/ I really love the Street Jazz Choreo…


Hmm Finale, haha what’s new? Just everyone having fun! 🙂

OH YEA HOR~ There’s no Bboy for this round’s performance…. 😦 Oh well~

I stayed for both the time slots because I couldn’t get enough of it. I think I’m having withdrawals… T_T

You can check out the the performance videos (Seg 1 & 2) on their (our?) page @ Fbodz.com or on their Youtube Channel

Honestly many people said that the video didn’t them justice but oh well.

Just a quick intro, Foreign Bodies, founded is 1994, is a street dance (hiphop) dance club of Nanyang Polytechnic. To know more about Foreign Bodies, CHECK OUT FBODZ.COM (again!)

Once again, FOREIGN BODIES – SCHOOL OF GROOVE, rocking the stage EVERY TIME ❤

Dance Synergy Second Vetting & Random Photoshop Challenge

17 Aug

It’s been a long day today with Second Vetting and I’m in a pretty post-exam mood already since I’m 3 papers down, 1 more to go to freedom (or not). Vetting went well & not well at the same time because my items were not up to standard /sigh/. I’m really lacking a lot when it comes to my performance items an nothing less than perfect is acceptable (what do you expect? Dancers…) and mine is, well, far from very good even.

I was really really nervous because I was ‘performing’ on an unfamiliar stage and that was my second time dancing on a LEGIT STAGE. Doesn’t help that was in the presence of many FBodz Seniors and.. the Girls Styling item was really, really empty today. However I did enjoy the process although I really should train on my balance (what’s new) and was feeling really hyped and stuff but oh god, back to back two items are no joke. I felt like I just ran finish a 2.4 after not exercising for a long time. I don’t know which Fbodz Senior (actually I know 1 or 2 la~) that was shouting mine and Hazwan’s (but mostly Haz’s) name during our GS’ item but thank youuu >< but that really made me more conscious lehhhhhh 😦 Oh I was trying to feel like a slut for my performance but clearly failed in doing so xDDD

Selca of me during vetting! (more pictures on my Instagram) I look like a kid with contact lenses on though…


I have really sore muscles now and back/knee cracking moments ~~

Most of you must be wondering what is this… vetting i’m talking about all the time. Well, to sum it up, Dance Synergy is an event/collab where all the dance CCAs in Nanyang Poly (NYP) come together to put on a show. These CCAs includes the Malay/ Chinese/ Japanese Cultural Group, French Club, Line Dance, Ballroom, Dance Company, Foreign Bodies & last but not least, StageArts (did I forget anyone?). This time I’m joining as a part of StageArts Dance so… yea. Vetting is a part and parcel of all recitals, productions and dance performances where dancers from all the items (or one item, depending on the scale of the vetting and stuff) showcase what they have done thus far so that the In-charge can start piecing things together whether is it the choreo or the performance flow. Vetting = Putting things together.

So if you’re a part of NYP, do (try to) grab your tickets at the Student Affairs Office. 6th September, be there or be square! I promise you it’ll be worth it. Plus it’s a FREE EVENT

I’ll probably talk more about Dance and stuff in another post in the near future.

Yep, anyway, I just woke up from a really long nap because tired la~ and I don’t have the mood to start on my last Module so I’m gonna do something really really random.


Okay so here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m going to choose a random theme and a Picture related to it. (You guys can suggest them for the next by commenting) then I’m just gonna try to do up a poster of some sort using that particular picture as the focus in… let’s say 50 minutes. I’ll probably throw in a short paragraph of something related to the poster as well. Sounds lame enough right? /WIDE SMILE/

For the first theme I’ll probably pick Dance since I’m on to vetting today and this will be the chosen picture for this Challenge.


And so, let the challenge begin! Will be back in 50 minutes ^^  (Pray that my Internet Connection doesn’t give me any problem…)