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November’s best friday

22 Nov

– delayed post, i know… –

So… as usual, half of the class is LATE. Well, that’s kinda extreme but god knows why my Lecturer was in a rather good mood today. Though she locked the door preventing them from coming in, she eventually let them in with just a few questions. /shrugs/

So halfway through the lesson, Abigail received a text from Justina stating that she has further injured her ankle and is unable to walk back. Panicking, she gets our Lecturer, Ms Gayle Quah, to follow her out to help.


Some of you are probably like, what..?

Rewind to the night before.

It would be our Lecturer’s birthday in a few days time and what’s better than a surprise celebration?

Our in-house baker, Amalina (or Mali for short) , volunteered to bake a cake for her while the rest carry on with the plan on that day.

So basically the plan was to get Ms Quah out of the classroom long enough to set up everything which includes cake and the Slide.

Because during the course of lesson, we found out that she’s a crazy fan of New Kids On The Block so we went to use that (thank you Youtube) as our background music.


Of course, the surprise was a success and she loved it. Well, because she loves surprises and she didn’t expect it at all so yay!

So celebration aside, the cake was AWESOME.

Actually, awesome would be an understatement.

20131122_102712 20131122_102012

Basically it is a four layer chocolate and vanilla cake with nutella in the middle, covered with white chololate icing. Okay, maybe my description isn’t that good but the picture would probably be enough.