Know Your Limits

28 Jan

Know Your Limits

So I’m finally back but but im here to advertise.
Do anticipate our public service announcement video that is coming up tomorrow.
For the time being, here is the poster for it ^^


Book Recommendation: Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend

26 Oct

Book Recommendation: Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend

It has been long since I’ve last picked up a book and have a good read. Was browsing through my really dusty shelf of books and came across the my last read, Memoirs Of An Imaginary Friend. Honestly, this isn’t a genre that I read Often and all the more makes it even more convincing when I say that this is a good read.
Although it is to be read leisurely, it certainly has quite a few exciting and intriguing parts and rather unique plots that would leave you on the edge. Written from the Point-Of-View of an Imaginary Friend, This book tells a story of an Autistic Child named Budo and his Imaginary Friend.
It is a good change from your rather normal Crime Fiction or over dramatic romance novels. I mean, really, wouldn’t you want to know what it is like to be that imagination instead of that realistic human being for once?
If you have not read it, do pick it up and start reading!
You’ll find yourself being drawn into the story soon enough.

Sneak Peak: EPILOGUE

I open my eyes. I am staring at eyes. I have seen these eyes before. They are dark and warm. They know me.

I cannot place them. And then I can.

I do not understand.

I say her name.


And then I know.



19 Aug

I’m probably dropping by Dunkin Doughnut on the way to Dance prac tomorrow.
Needs to satisfy cravings…